CDN Release Notes

Aug 12, 2019 Changes


  • Remove 90 days start day limit on CDN Portal, allow start on 1 Jan, 2019.
  • Sort domain volume on "CDN->Usage->Traffic Usage".
  • Generate short name dynamically when customer created.
  • Improve Safari compatibility on Mac

Jun 5, 2019 Changes

Open API:

May 9, 2019 Changes


  • Add new 'Redirect Http To Https' parameter for Website Acceleration via portal.
  • Add new 'Redirect Http To Https' parameter for Large File Download via portal.

Open API:

Apr 12, 2019 Changes


  • Allow to add origin protocol via portal.
  • Allow to set customized port for origin website.

Open API:

Mar 12, 2019 Changes


  • Add Customer and domain traffic usage on fed portal.
  • Enchange SSL Certificate management on fed portal. Certificate name should be unique with readable characters.
  • Add CORS headers management on fed portal.
  • Add allowed referrers on portal under cache control on fed portal.

Open API:

Feb 15, 2019 Changes

Jan 18, 2019 Changes

Dec 28, 2018 Changes

Nov 23, 2018 Changes

  • Add VOD and live management under CDN portal.
  • Add http codes report for customers.
  • Add domain/lfd/vod/live search based on name.
  • Add domain/lfd/vod/live filter based on name.
  • Fix login issue when stay long on web browser.

Nov 9, 2018 Changes

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