CDN Live Streaming Configuration

This section will describe how to configure CDN live streaming for deliver HLS output. Please make sure that you have ready live streaming HLS origin sources.

0.1. Create Domain

Please select "Enable Streaming" checkbox

Example screenshot: avatar

0.2. Create Cache Policy

Please create cache policy with the following values :

  • Match Type: Regex
  • URL Path : .+\.ts(\?.+)?
  • TTL : 60
  • Ignore Origin Server No Cache : Yes
  • Ignore Client No Cache : Yes

Example screeshot: avatar

0.3. Test Live Stream

Please use web player to test your live stream.

Note: You should ensure that manifest TTLs are set shorter than the length (in seconds) of the segments in your playlist. We recommend 6s for most playlists.

           Updated 2020-09-17 03:42:30

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