List Domains

This API is used to list all website acceleration domains under this customer.

1. Request Definition

  • API URL{customerId}/domains
  • Request Method
  • Request Header

Refer to HTTP Request Headers

  • Request Body
No request Body for this API.

2. Response Definition

  • Response Header

Refer to HTTP Response Headers

  • Response Body
Field Type Description
id int Service ID number.
name string Domain name.
originUrl string IP or domain name of origin server.
originProtocol string Http/Https protocol that edge server will use to fetch contents from origin server. The Value is http or https or same_as_client.
deliveryDomain string CName domain that the domain name has to point to.
streamingService boolean To indicate if need to combine multiple requests as one request to origin server. true: Enabled, false: Disabled. Default is false.
http2 boolean true: Enabled, false: Disabled.
redirectHttpToHttps boolean Whether redirect all plain HTTP requests to HTTPS. true: Enabled, false: Disabled. Default is false.
active boolean To indicate if service is enabled or disabled. true: Enabled, false: Disabled. Default is true.
  • Response Body Example
        "id": 101,
        "name": "",
        "originUrl": "",
        "originProtocol": "http", 
        "deliveryDomain": "",
        "streamingService": true,
        "active": true
        "id": 102,
        "name": "",
        "originUrl": "",
        "originProtocol": "https",
        "deliveryDomain": "",
        "streamingService": false,
        "active": false
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