List Efficient Purges

This API is used to list efficient purges of a service.

1. Request Definition

  • API URL{serviceId}/efficient_purges
  • Request Method
  • Request Header

Refer to HTTP Request Headers

  • Request Body Example

2. Response Definition

  • Response Header

Refer to HTTP Response Headers

  • Response Body
Field Type Description
BatchInfo[] List of BatchInfo with id, created, completedUrls and totalUrls.

|BatchInfo Definition|

Field Type Description
id int the id of batch efficient purge
created string the creation time
finishedAt string the finish time
completedUrls int the number of completed urls
totalUrls int the total number of urls
  • Response Body Example
        "id": 2,
        "completedUrls": 2,
        "created": "2020-01-06T13:26:51.127Z",
        "finishedAt": "2020-01-06T13:27:21.222Z",
        "totalUrls": 2
        "id": 3,
        "completedUrls": 2,
        "created": "2020-01-06T14:26:51.127Z",
        "finishedAt": "2020-01-06T14:28:01.392Z",
        "totalUrls": 3
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