Create Purge

This API is used to create batch purge on edge server.It is prefix based, i.e. it's possible to invalidate everything under a directory, or with different extensions, etc.content is physically removed only when it is accessed, i.e. proxy checks if the path matches the invalidation prefix, and if it does and the content is in the cache then it is invalidated. If some content is not accessed in 24h (validity period for invalidation request) then stale content can remain on the cache / be served.

1. Request Definition

  • API URL{serviceId}/purges
  • Request Method
  • Request Header

Refer to HTTP Request Headers

  • Request Body

Request Body Data Format: JSON, an array of the following objects. And the length of the array should be less than 20k.

Field Required Type Description
urlPath Mandatory string Url path to be purged on edge server.
expireTimestamp Mandatory long UTC timestamp before which contents should be expired.
  • Request Body Example
        "urlPath": "/resources/js/test1.js",
        "expireTimestamp": 1405005161
        "urlPath": "/resources/js/test2.js",
        "expireTimestamp": 1405005161

2. Response Definition

  • Response Header

Refer to HTTP Response Headers

  • Response Body
Field Type Description
batchId int the id of batch purge
  • Response Body Example
    "batchId": 2
           Updated 2020-11-04 05:59:05

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