Edit Access Control

This API is used to edit access control for website acceleration or file download service.

1. Request Definition

  • Request Method
  • Request Header

Refer to HTTP Request Headers

  • Request Body

Request Body Data Format: JSON

Field Required Type Description
name Mandatory string Policy name for access control.
type Mandatory string Access control type, could be "allow", "deny" or "token".
matchType Mandatory string Policy match type, could be "regex" or "prefix".
match Mandatory string Prefix or regex of url pattern.
priority Optional int Priority weight of access control policy. policy with bigger weight will have higher priority, weight value can not be zero.
subnet Optional string Comma-separated list of ips/networks.Only requests from these subnets are allowed, other requests will be rejected with 403 Forbidden response. Examples:,
location Optional string Comma-separated list of geographic locations to be matched. Each location should be specified as a 2-letter ISO3166 code. E.g "SG,GB".
anonymousIP Optional boolean Set true to apply for anonymous IP, set false to apply for non anonymous IP.

Field tokenSecret is only for type "token". And "allow", "deny" don't need this field.

Field Required Type Description
tokenSecret Mandatory string Comma-separated list of tokens.Each token should have 64 characters,Each character must be numeric or lowercase letter. E.g "qjzw8z2c306hwqqg7pkl0po1k1afqljf4oxcbxv511wds50j56y5qyh1f2i8wi9b, 5i70op0gqbvvfbz6r8qosn0qkxsxcxavqy7xs2heoomhtt7n3bmtwye6qme5jxwu"

For the tokenSecret algorithm, please refer to TokenSecret Authentication

  • Request Body Example
    "name": "ac1001",
    "type": "token",
    "matchType": "regex",
    "match": "/*.js",
    "priority": 10,
    "subnet": "",
    "location": "SG,CN",

2. Response Definition

  • Response Header

Refer to HTTP Response Headers

  • Response Body
No response body for this API.
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